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working online feels like specs of graphite flying off, a constant sharpening of pages, debris all over, a  newer edge to the pencil, the promise of a smooth line...



E-learning Curriculum


Level 1 Credits Module Name    Details Reflections
20 Anthropological Ideas I html pdf archive
20 Anthrooplogical Ideas II html pdf archive
20 Anthropology of Religion html pdf archive
20 Visual Anthropology html pdf archive
20 Culture and Society html pdf archive
20 Communicating Anthropology .doc pdf archive
Level 2 20 Fieldwork, Ethics and Methods html pdf archive
20 European Ethnography Authorware **
20 Applied Anthropology Authorware -
20 Independent Project tutor led pdf archive
Level 3 20 Globalisation Authorware -**
20 Cultural Tourism Authorware -**
20 Enviornmental Anthropology html pdf archive
20 Gender and Sexuality pdf pdf archive
40 Research Dissertation Project tutor led -
Level 4 40 Research Methods pdf/author pdf archive
20 Key Debates in Anthropological Theory authorware **
20 Death and Ritual pdf not available
20 Human Animal Adaptations  authorware not available
20 Medical Anthropology authorware not available



The Project list is an archive of the e-learning project I carried out between 2000-2008 


Whilst I am the author of all  the electronic strategies for delivering the learning materials, some of the projects are large and complex in terms of authorship. 


I have tried to be careful in locating authorship and copyright in all cases. These will be spelled out in the written documentation that will follow.


Not available are courses where my previous institution helds full copyright over the author content of these. I only own having made the authorware platform for these.


All the teaching materials for residential teaching (handouts, classnotes, powerpoints, etc) are in the section 'materialities'


*For Authorware files, please chose RUN instead of SAVE


Email me with any queries.