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working online feels like specs of graphite flying off, a constant sharpening of pages, debris all over, a  newer edge to the pencil, the promise of a smooth line...



Materialities: NWAS


NWAS Website Front Page


The background image is a picture of the student union on a busy day. It was felt it represented both, the student ethos of the event and reproduced a sense of 'ethnography' of the student life.


Against this picture we created a navigation section to the left with the NWAS acronym and a partition line at the bottom with the full name.


The colours follow student choices about 'blending' with the Union at the background. It had the welsh dragon at the bottom. The middle section was used for developing the links on the navigation to the left. 


The full report contains a copy of the website in a non-functional format (links and scripts are not longer working).






Further details:


-Scanned photography

-Copyright of the photography was given to its author

-Consent was asked to the students in the picture

-Converted scann into an electronic JPG

-JPG was manipulated using Fireworks 3

-Staff and Student joint collaboration on decision making of the final outcome of jPG and website

-Website developed in Dreaweaver 3

-Site used flash script for left hand navigation links. Links were detemined by the student:news, workshop, etc.

-Hosted in Departmental server by staff

-live 2002 to 2004

-screen shots of original website



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