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Materialites: QUB

QUB: Introduction to Social Anthropology


Project completed 2000


project team,  archive of the project [pdf]


Introduction to Social Anthropology


This project aimed at introducing key concepts in Social Anthropology to a wide audience of publics using an interactive, non-linear software. The key concepts were accompanied of two examples of ethnography. As the project grew, it came to incorporate a description of the School of Anthropological Studies, a description of the conceptual departments within the School though interactive exercises and six ethnographic examples. The project was commissioned by the Head of the School of Anthropological Studies to be used for open Days, widdening participation audiences, to engage with non-academic publics and to examine the representation of ethnography and anthropology through non-sequencial, hypertexted and interactive media. 



The background to this project dates back to late 1998 when I created my first, of what is known now as ' open learning objects' for UCLAN and in 1999 for the School of Anthropological Studies at the Queen's University of Belfast. They were small 'objects' on the theme of social anthropology build patiently and ingenously with power-point, a software that back then was unheard off to the extent that when we delivered these presentations to audiences (via CD-ROM) we had to provide a power-point viewer along with the power-point show as, back then, very few people could run these in their computers.


More importantly, these 'objects' were a first attempt to 'think anthropology' through a visual and software-lead media with the hope that it would facilitate the sharing of anthropological ideas, knowledge with wider audiences. 


For this project I used...read more 



Project Team

Head of School
5 Lecturers in the School

1 external Lecturer

Postgraduate Student/Tutor in the School






Materialities lists a series of materials and resources to do with learning and teaching anthropology



These include web based projects, word documents, lecture notes in PDF, power-points and other electronic materials. 


Email me with any queries.



Download here the:



  Archive of Introduction to Anthropology PDF