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Materialites: IAMA


IAMA: Introducing Applied Medical Anthropology


Project completed 2000


project teamfull project [pdf]


Introducing Applied Medical Anthropology


This was a project to build a series of key anthropological concepts on a basic interactive presentation between text and images for health care practitioners undertaking an introductory module on (applied) medical anthropology. The project aimed at providing a blended-learning package for health care practitioners in the absence of a residential tutor at UCLAN universit. This package included a portfolio of readings, an ethnographic case study, a CD-ROM with introductory concepts. Due to copyright, the readings and case study are not included here. The pdf only shows an archive of the power-point solutions to presenting an introduction to anthropology to an audience of health care practitioners.



In late 1998 a lecturer in the department where I was a postgraduate student and tutor approached me to discuss how a colleague of her in UCLAN university could develop some teaching materials for an introduction to applied medical anthropology to health care practitioners. The project needed someone who could transform a series of introductory notes into some form of electronic, protable format for 'distance learning'. The project needed to introduce three key concepts in anthropology and a general description of medical anthropology and applied medical anthropology.  These descriptions and concepts were meant to be used by health care practitioners to start thinking anthropologically about health care. These notes needed to be contained in a software that could be distributed to students in the absence of direct, face-to-face, tutoring.


The three key concepts for students to consider were an approach to health care founded on 'critical', 'comparative', 'non-ethnocentric' perspectives... read more



Project Team

Senior Lecturer UCLAN

Anthropology Lecturer QUB

Postgraduate Student/Tutor QUB






Materialities lists a series of materials and resources to do with learning and teaching anthropology



These include web based projects, word documents, lecture notes in PDF, power-points and other electronic materials. 


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  IAMA archive PDF